Battery Lights / Uplighters


Astera AX5 TriplePar

45W RGBAW  (3x 15W)  – 13° Beam Angle The ultimate tool for  entertainment professionals!

  • 3 x 15W RGBAW LEDs – with the latest high-precision Gaggione lenses.
  • Slide-out bracket – to transform the AX5 into an uplight within seconds.
  • Clip-in filters – High efficiency flood and wall wash filters clip in safely.
  • Waterproof connectors – Charging contact as well as waterproof Powercon True1 + XLR connectors.
  • Quick release kickstand to adjust angle for fast and efficient wall uplighting.
  • A smart control system where Infrared remote, wireless DMX and app work together to enable big setups that can be set up, monitored and adjusted in a fast and convenient way.
  • Talkback+ – Detect all available lights, set them up, check their status, configure DMX addresses and DMX profiles.
  • Seamless runtime – Set the length of your event and be sure that your lights won’t run out while still getting the maximum brightness.
  • TruColor calibration – 100% color consistency through any batch. It can hit exact colour temperatures and reproduce standard filter gels
  • Filming Tools – Adjustable PWM frequency to avoid flickering, green/purple balance to minimise post-production work.
  • Anti-theft – The lights give visual and audible alarm and send notification to the AsteraApp if they are being moved during an event.
  • DJ feature – Auto BPM analyzes the beat and matches programs to it, flash buttons can trigger special effects while being held down
  • Scheduled stand-by – Switch lights into power-saving standby and schedule them to wake up when the event starts.
  • Dynamic power-boost – The dynamic power-boost feature enables the light to display the maximum brightness at all times and intensify non-white colours
  • Emergency light – Switches automatically to white light and runs of its battery when AC power is cut off.


Astera Titan Tube

Film Lighting Tube | Titan Tube was especially designed for the Film, Broadcasting and Cinema industries. Optimized for an ultra-high TLCI, a very high CRI and peak brightness, colors as well as Hue, Saturation and Intensity can be set directly on the tube. In addition, the Titan Tube now accepts wired DMX via a special power/data combination cable.

  • 16 individually controllable pixels.
  • Tunable White with range from 1,750K
    to 20,000K.
  • Ultra High Color Rendering TLCI ≥96, CRI ≥96, CRI Re≥90 from 3200K to 6500K.
  • 2h Boost Mode 2.8 x the brightness in white for
    almost 2 hours.
  • Backside Display – Quick access to DMX setup, colors and hue, saturation, intensity control.
  • Wired Data Connection (+Wireless DMX) DMX, Art-Net, sACN and power can be distributed via the PowerBox.
  • Mounting accessories – Custom holders, stands etc. allow easy fixation for any production.


Clay Paky GlowUp

Clay Paky GlowUp

GlowUp is a portable, battery-powered LED luminaire that removes the logistical headache of running cables at events – dramatically reducing set-up time, while saving money and improving safety. LED UPLIGHTERS

Fully programmable, GlowUp allows users to select scenes from a library containing dozens of suggested colours as well as a number of pre-programmed, colour-changing sequences.

IP65 Outdoor Use, Very Lightweight (7.5kg per), Manual Zoom, Up to 20 hours battery usage & Wireless DMX control.

Comes in six way kits.


Check out the video below which shows just what the Clay Paky GlowUp can do.


ProLights SMARTBAT IP65 Uplighter

SMARTBATIP is the new water-proof IP65* version of the popular SMARTBAT, enlarging the possible application of this luminaire even in outdoor venues or for architectural applications. SMARTBAT is equipped with a lithium battery pack and a built-in WiFi module for cable- free operation. The ultra- compact and lightweight design makes this projector truly portable and rechargeable countless times without “memory effect “.

The internal battery has an autonomy for 12 hours in color change mode and up to 8 hours in full output, while the charging time is only 5 hours. The light source is composed of 4x8W high-power RGBW LEDs / fullcolor for a color calibration in the full-spectrum and the extractable foot allows you to adjust the angle of the beam to assist tracking operations.

The transmission of the DMX signal is via WiFi technology , the transmission unit WIFIBOX is compatible with any DMX controller or through the application SMARTCOLORS available for any Android or IOS smartphone.


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