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ProLights SMARTBAT IP65 Uplighter

SMARTBATIP is the new water-proof IP65* version of the popular SMARTBAT, enlarging the possible application of this luminaire even in outdoor venues or for architectural applications. SMARTBAT is equipped with a lithium battery pack and a built-in WiFi module for cable- free operation. The ultra- compact and lightweight design makes this projector truly portable and rechargeable countless times without “memory effect “.

The internal battery has an autonomy for 12 hours in color change mode and up to 8 hours in full output, while the charging time is only 5 hours. The light source is composed of 4x8W high-power RGBW LEDs / fullcolor for a color calibration in the full-spectrum and the extractable foot allows you to adjust the angle of the beam to assist tracking operations.

The transmission of the DMX signal is via WiFi technology , the transmission unit WIFIBOX is compatible with any DMX controller or through the application SMARTCOLORS available for any Android or IOS smartphone